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To all consumers and dealers

It is confirmed that counterfeit (fake) TIS Products such As Luna panels, Relays, Sensors and others using TIS trademark logo and look very similar in packing and plastic were being sold in the Iran market by company called " Hooshmand Exiss in Tehran ".

Counterfeit (Fake) products show exactly the same outside but generally are of poor quality and wrong electronic design that may cause a problem in projects. We issue this warning to all our dealers and consumers to avoid confusion and false purchase. Only buy from TIS authorized distributors.

Purchasing TIS original Products in Iran only from our official TIS distributor Gosteresh Dadeh Pardazi Ava in Shiraz city, or from any approved authorized dealers by our distributor.

Please note that all TIS-BUS and TIS-AIR original products development, producing, and QC only can be done inside TIS Factory, and there is no other licensed factory can do this, if you want to report any of these fake products please contact our authorized dealers, you can see our official authorized dealers worldwide at this link  Authorized Dealers

If you have question or concerns about suspicious products please contact us at info@tissmarthome.com

We will keep the efforts to fight the sale of such fake products and give you our best support as usual.

Thank you for cooperation and renewed support.


TIS Management




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