Warning Notice

Room Control Unit 8 IN 8 Out

This device is a product of the TIS system. It is a DIN-rail mountable device with 8 independent free voltage Relay channels with 1 channel include 0-10 Volte output to for dimming beside the 8 digital inputs which can be controlled separately with TIS protocol messages, technical knowledge obtained in TIS training courses is a prerequisite to proper understanding how to install device. Basic Manual Programming can be done without the software. Advanced Programming knowledge about software obtained in the advanced training courses.

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Important Features

-  Can be used for FCU Fan speed, lighting or shutter.

-  Can Be programmed manually with TIS panels. 

-  Economic Cost suitable for residential and offices Project.

-  Low Noise and Fast Relay Switch.

-  LED for network life and for each channel indicator .

-  Working with TIS bus protocol

-  ABS anti-flame case.

-  UL USA  certified relay, terminal, ICs and PCB.

-  Product CE certified.

Technical Specification

Number of channels
Nominal voltage
Nominal current per channel
Maximum total channels load
Analog Output

0 – 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Ch1 20A, Ch 2-8 10 A / 230 VAC
90 A / 230 VAC
Ch8 include 0-10V output for dimming
Output swi tching current
Max switching current
Max Continues current   
Max.  switching Voltage:  
16A/230 VAC Resistive  
8 A/230 VAC florescent   
10A/230 VAC  
440VAC /  125VDC 
Output s er vice life 
Mechanical ser vice life  > 10,000,000 Times  
Output switching time
Operating time  
Releasing time  
Max.  operating frequency    
15mS (at nomi.  Volt)  
8  mS  (at nomi.  Volt)  
20 cycle/min  
TIS Bus   
Number of devices on 1 line 
Bus voltage 
Current consumption (Normal)  
Current consumption (  Peak)  Protection 
  Max.  64 
  12-32 V DC  
  <15   mA /  24 V DC 
  < 140   mA /  24 V DC 
  Rever se Polarity Protection
Reaction time    approx.  20ms
Operating and display elements
Programming button/LED 
1 -12 buttons 
By TIS bus  
For assignment of the physical address   
Manually ON/OFF and Programming  
TIS Protocol massages and commands 
Manual basic Prog,  or by sof tware.  
1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading.   
Din Rail 
Wall mount
Standard 35 mm Din rail  
screw holder on the back of the module 
Connection terminal  
Load and Power  
Data /  bus 
Screw terminal   0,25…4mm2  
Male female connector s Link + screw Terminal 
Functions    Lighting control ON/OFF Dimming
Curtain control
Fan speed control
8 Digital inputs
8 channel controlled separately
Can set 4 group of curtain (open/close) option
Can set 2 group of Fan (low, med, high) option
Ch 8 used with 0-10V output for dimming
12 different scenarios
Programmable inputs to connect to normal wall
switches and sensors
Weight   Without packaging 0.45 KG  
Dimensions    Width x length x height 91mm x 145mm x 75mm 
Cas ing color   
Button color 
ABS anti fire
Black Gray  
Temperature range Operation
Air humidity   <85% non-condensing


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